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today because we’re going to pot up this wonderful  

monstera deliciosa from this tiny pot into this 

huge pot and I’m going to tell you all the secrets  

about these gorgeous and trendy plants, well here 

it is, this wonderful monstera, actually I have  

two plants here and I’m going to repot it, well 

from this tiny part into this huge pot and of  

course the bigger the pot is the sooner your plant 

will grow into a huge tree but of course you need  

to make the pot bigger step by step not just like 

me because this is very tiny and this seems to be  

quite huge honestly and maybe this is not the 

right size for now, but it’s actually the pot  

that I found and I really like it and I will just 

maybe be a little bit careful with the watering,  

but other than that, well you when you repot 

your monsteras, do it gradually, not like me,  

but I’m just going to tell you a little bit about 

care and some secret about these plants now, well,  

as you can see I have here different leaves, 

right, for example, they don’t have any holes,  

these are a little bit split and here you can 

see some split parts, but also already one  

hole on the leaf and actually sometimes you can 

really buy their small cuttings, and you think,  

but is it monstera? because the leaf is not split 

it, doesn’t have a hole, but the thing is that to  

have split leaves and also to have holes, the 

plant needs to be, you know, maybe a couple of  

years old to be able to have this and then you can 

see that this plant is actually not a huge one and  

it just got its first hole in the leaves, so you 

need to be a little bit patient, but definitely  

with the growth your plant will also have split 

leaves and also will have holes in the leaves,  

now let’s speak a little bit about care, well the 

pot, of course, it’s very good, when your pot has  

holes actually it’s a must and then the soil 

should be well-drained soil, that’s why right  

now I have a universal soil mixed together with 

perlite and then the light should be really  

bright light, sometimes maybe just a little bit 

of sun, depending on your climate your plant may  

tolerate sun, but it’s better not to have it under 

the sun, not to grow your monsteras under the sun  

because they can really easily be burnt and yeah 

you know it’s not really good, as for watering,  

you need to water them really thoroughly and 

what they do like, of course, humidity, your  

air should be really humid and in this kind of an 

environment monsteras can grow into huge plants,  

well of course they will not bloom at home because 

for that they need a special humidity, special  

percent of humidity of air to be able to bloom and 

that’s what they usually bloom in the nature, not  

in our homes, but it’s still a very trendy plant, 

because you can see them everywhere, in hotels,  

restaurants, people are buying even the variegated 

plant like variegated monstera, it’s like I don’t  

know, the prices are really ridiculous, but 

maybe it’s worth it, I want to show you this  

aerial root and here we can see that this one is 

also an aerial root that has grown into the soil,  

well with the age, your plant will have lots of 

aerial roots and this is just starting to grow,  

it will be much longer and hanging, you can see 

that the roots are even growing from here, so  

that’s the right time to repot it, but the thing 

now is about aerial roots, sometimes people say,  

I don’t like it and I cut it, but you know well 

your plant will not die, if you cut the aerial  

roots, but they are actually needed for the 

plant, they take the humidity from the air and  

they actually take also the oxygen from the air, 

so if they’re, like you know, really annoying you,  

well then maybe you can cut it, maybe shorten 

them or maybe just cut, I don’t know 10,  

20 percent of the roots but not all of them, you 

can even kind of wrap the roots around the pot,  

if they are really, you know, getting on your 

nerves, but other than that, I think that it’s  

even more beautiful if these aerial roots are 

hanging from the pot and for this kind of plants  

of course it’s a very good idea to have a bigger 

pot and heavier pot because this plants are so  

heavy and because of their weight, they can just, 

you know, fall, so now you can see that this plant  

in this pot is so unstable, see how it’s moving, 

so that’s why I’m going to use also this support  

and having the aerial roots my plant will be 

able to stick to cling to the support and grow  

into nice tree, so it will grow vertically into 

a very huge and wonderful plant to be able to  

decorate one corner in my place, well let’s get 

started, let’s take this plant out of this pot,  

which is really easy, you just squeeze the pot 

and pull your plant a little bit and it comes out,  

of course lots of roots, I mean this was 

obvious, they grow really fast, I will just  

remove the top layer and here actually I have two 

plants, I would like to separate them honestly,  

as you can see I have two plants here and I’m 

going to plant them together in this pot but  

just separately, just like this, and in between I 

will have a support, so that they will grow from  

both sides and this one will get just bigger, 

oops, just as this one, in a very short period  

of time you can see that their healthy roots are 

already growing wonderfully and as in this pot the  

roots are growing really in the circles, 7SKU Wholesale you can 

just a little bit massage the roots, so to say,  

to split them so that they grow you know, not in 

the circles but in this bigger pot they will kind  

of spread and you will not damage the roots, don’t 

be afraid because this one also grows so easily,  

all right, yeah so just like this, it will 

be just perfect, well first of all let’s  

maybe put this support in the soil and make 

it really stable, it is even a place here,  

where you can kind of have another one and make 

it longer ,when the plant is actually big enough,  

perfect and now let’s see how we do it, so I’m 

going to plant this one here just like this,

how cool is that, right, yeah, so 

this one will grow just like this,  

I will just need to arrange the roots in a better 

way, here I need to remove a little bit of soil

and the other plant, I’m going to plant from 

the other side, just here this one is a little  

bit small, like smaller than the other one, but 

that’s absolutely fine because very soon it will  

grow into a big huge plant, I will be posting of 

course pictures as usual on my Instagram and on  

my Facebook page, so you can follow me there 

as well, I would love to see your pictures

cool, just like this and I’m just filling up the 

pot with soil, this plant actually likes really  

humid air, you can spray them from time to time, 

whenever you remember, the new leaves by the way,  

when they are growing, they may seem a little bit 

yellow or very, very light green, don’t worry,  

as when they grow, they will turn into very 

nice and dark healthy green color, how perfect,  

by the way this plant, when they bloom, they 

also have fruits, which are edible, but the  

thing is that the leaves the plant itself can be a 

little bit toxic for the pets and kids of course,  

so just be careful there, but the fruits are 

edible, that’s really interesting, so I planted,  

I will just use something to you know keep this 

plant here and help the plant grow straight,  

when it grows every roots I will keep the 

support moist always and the aerial roots will  

go into this support and will just you know grow 

straight by themselves without any other help,  

look at this beauty, I would really like 

to know about your experience, in what kind  

of climate you are growing them, what’s your 

experience with them in terms of sun and light  

and of course watering, and just tell me after 

how many years you had this one or two holes,  

which make this like so much interesting and if 

you have any questions, please write them in the  

comments and I will like to answer and have a 

chat with you, so please subscribe, as always,  

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