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Just talk about it: item377663820 share your problems and sorrows with good friends who have positive attitude of mind. Trust me it really helps. When we share, we feel half of our problems dissolves naturally.

words of encouragement for sobriety In the midst of all of this was Layne’s charismatic persona. His unusual vocal delivery and intense presence would turn him into one of rock’s most vivid frontmen. But it would be his inner demons that would inspire most of the band’s music. Despite Alice In Chains chart-reign from 1992-1996, the band would be unable to tour extensively due to Layne’s struggle with addiction. On July 3rd, 1996, he would make his final appearance with the band in Kansas City, Missouri. He then walked into the ether of seclusion and never looked back.

Self-Pity – Climbing on the pity pot usually involves either becoming a victim, “How come everybody can drink except me?”. Or, You can adopt a blaming stance…” If you had my husband/wife you would drink too. If you are a victim or a blamer it is always someone else’s fault, and you are not responsible. If it is not your fault you don’t have to take action because it would make no difference.

There are literally millions of people who are taking various anticoagulants including aspirin to help thin the blood to prevent heart attacks. If the blood is less “sticky” then it is less likely to clump together causing a stroke or heart attack.

words of inspiration for sobriety Seeming rejection from other people is really only a problem if I have rejected myself. If I feel pained by a situation it is best that I listen to the part of me that feels the hurt and hear what is has to say. I can then think about what happened and explain it to myself. If I reject the hurt, then I am really rejecting myself, and that causes a lot more pain than anything.

words of inspiration for someone fighting addiction I have read recently of three people in the state of Georgia who are suffering from an infection called Necrotizing fasciitis. One of those is Aimee Copeland who has had one leg amputated at the hip and her fingers removed in an attempt to save her life. This is a horrifying disease for which there is no cure. Humanism as infected our culture and the church like a flesh eating disease. The spirit of the church is being consumed by a philosophy that makes the happiness of man a priority and conveniently ignores the glory of God.

Of course, time and talent are only two of the casualties of drug addiction, but they are incredibly valuable items, and when they are gone, they are gone. Helping someone to overcome addiction cannot retrieve lost time or might not revive a talent, but does end the waste and destruction and allow the addict to start anew.

In preventing teen drug addiction, the lines of communication have to be open. What does that mean? If your troubled teen can share their mistakes and bad decisions with you, without you having to jump down their throat, I think there is healthy communication transpiring between both of you.

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