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Self-Pity – Climbing on the pity pot usually involves either becoming a victim, “How come everybody can drink except me?”. Or, email marketing You can adopt a blaming stance…” If you had my husband/wife you would drink too. If you are a victim or a blamer it is always someone else’s fault, and you are not responsible. If it is not your fault you don’t have to take action because it would make no difference.

You can even have a custom message wall graphic like “Susan’s Room” in attractive handwritten font with wavy lines, or surrounded in a ribbon and a bow tie. If you own a cappuccino bar you may opt for a coffee bean design with the words Fresh Coffee.

words of inspiration for sobriety Self-reflection – A complete and individual personality, especially one that somebody recognizes as his or her own and with which there is a sense of ease.

words of inspiration for someone fighting addiction The Federal Open Market Committee, which is the group of Federal Reserve governors who determines the route of our nation’s economic policy, released their statements on Tuesday. The policy statement didn’t seem to offer any major surprise; they just reminded us that the economic recovery that we are taking will be a slow path. They announced a new plan where they will purchase Treasury debt in the open market. This action was intended to prevent the spread of fear in the marketplace.

When a person is experiencing issues with substance abuse, that substance often becomes the center of their life. When was the last time you did something that other than thought beyond the next time you could have a drink? Have you let old hobbies or enjoyments fall to the wayside? While growing away from old hobbies is something that all people do, it is important to think of why you may have left behind something important to you.

They always thank their coach, teammates, trainers, God, doctors and family! Their success was due to a total team effort. If the most successful athletes in the world need support, do you think it is possible to recover from addiction all by yourself?

words of encouragement for sobriety As addicts, we often see pain and struggle as enemies to recovery. In fact, they are the reason we drink, drug, or dabble. And as our addiction intensifies, we find that it actually causes more difficulties. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Pain and struggle can lay the foundation for a successful recovery. An old A.A. motto states, “Pain before sobriety and pain before serenity.” In other words, pain comes before triumph but also develops perseverance, peace, and hope.

This best way to handle this situation is to seek help from an addiction recovery therapist, specialized in couple’s counseling as well. He or she will help you and your partner to lead a happier free of codependence life. Self realization in an addict is a key for steady improvement.

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