vintage chinese checkers OEM

An old game, chinese checkers game producer checkers is simple in

concept and complex in strategy, making it

perfect for young and old alike.

To play, each player picks a set of 10 like

colored marbles and places them on the spaces

filling one of the star points. When two play,

players take opposite points. For three, every

other point, etc. The goal is to be the first

player to advance all of his/her marbles to

the point opposite of the starting point.

No marbles are ever removed from the board.

Each player may move only one marble per turn.

A move may be one hole in any direction, or,

by jumping another marble, in a straight line.

Jumping moves may continue in a series of

several jumps, either in a straight line or

a zig-zag pattern so long as each hop is along

a straight line and over only one marble at

a time.

Our Chinese Checkers board come in two styles.

The first style is with the standard 6-pointed

star for chinese checkers game producer 2 to 6 players. The board is made

of ¾ inch cherry and is 11 and ¾ inches

in diameter. 60 marbles are included with

this board, 10 each of 6 colors. The second

style is the 2-person board. This abbreviated

version of the standard version is also made

of ¾ inch cherry and is approximately 7.5

inches wide and 12 inches long. 20 marbles

are included with this board, 10 each of 2


Both styles have the instructions engraved

on the back and come with a marble storage

pouch. Designed and tested for ages 3 and

up. However, the recommended age minimum is

6 years old as marbles can be a choking hazard.

Chinese Checkers by Maple Landmark.

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